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I remember a car wash fundraiser the youth group had in the parking lot of the church. Many thanks. Hello, I remember this book from my childhood, I was about 18 when I read it,, about 20 years ago, but I don't thin it was a new release at the time, The story starts in the second world war and tells of a jewish boy who escapes to America thanks to another boy, I'm not too sure, I think he was italian,, one of the boy's names is Alesandro, I think.

After the story brings us to American and life continues for the two boys Hi - I am looking for a book I read 15ish years ago. I believe it was a series of 3 and while I've believed my whole life it was called Glory B, it was not. It centered around a young girl in a small religious town. She and her friend break into the church and drink the wine. Later, her friend drunkenly falls through the ice of the nearby lake and dies.

In the tradition of this strange town - the protagonist is made to drink poison and cast out into the woods to die.

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She survives in the forest and eventually is taken in by a woman or family. Eventually she figures out the poison is not real and she will live, but still cannot return to her town. I must have read this when I was 10 or 11 years old and I've been trying to hunt it down since I was I am looking for a book that I read just last year.

It was told through three different perspectives. A woman was obsessed with another woman and her husband they also had a young child. She basically wanted the husband to herself. Anyway, she went through the couples' mail and stole it. She bought a house next to the couple and befriended the wife. The wife had the obsessed woman over for a night in with her lady friends and at least one of her friends didn't get a good vibe from her. Time went on and the obsessed lady started losing weight and dressing better, more like the wife and she even decorated her house like the wife.

The obsessed woman was at their house all the time having dinner and even watching their kid. One night the wife went to bed early and the obsessed and husband ending up hooking up on the couch and then starting an affair. The wife late finds out, but it turns out that the husband was cheating on the wife with even another woman because the wife found naked pictures on his phone. I believe the wife ended up needed to get a restraining order against the obsessed and she moved and then the obsessed ended up following her again.

I need to find this book. I had it on audible but somehow it got deleted and it is not even showing up in my "purchased history. I read this book about eight years ago so it's at least that old. It was about a girl who was sent to a mental hospital after setting her home on fire, killing her family. But the book was full of plot twists and her family was alive, she had just imagined all of it.

A friend of mine is looking for a book, she thinks by Dan Brown, that is about controlling the weather. It has supposedly been removed from libraries, etc.

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I have a book in my head that has a very similar plot about scientists at the North Pole investigating something that is under the ice possibly seen by a satellite. I dont remember much was a book belonging to my mother was about a small black poodle on the streets of paris i think the title was french but the story was english cant remember the dogs name or title.

Then He found himself sinking into a funk that spiraled into depression, and experienced first hand the cognitive changes of depression finally! I read a sci fi book years ago that I have been thinking of and want to find it again.

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Woman lands on planet. I was in class lately and suddenly started thinking about this one book I read as a little kid. I remember that it was, like, a birthday party in a kingdom of animals, and one had brought food. The food was passed around and the animals all took half of what was left until there were only crumbs. Then this one animal, I think a mouse, gave her portion to the king.

I think it was a birthday party? Anyways, if anyone knows what book it is, that would be greatly appreciated! Hi everyone!

So when I was a preteen , I got these books from the school's scholastic book fair that were basically about growing up and how to be a girl and be social, and I'm doing some research now as an adult as to what this means, and can't seem to find what they were called! They had cartoon girls on the cover and were pretty detailed, and I got one once a month.

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  • George C. Marshall: Servant of the American Nation (The World of the Roosevelts).
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Does anyone remember these or know what I'm talking about??? Thank you!!! My sister and I were recently discussing some books we remember as kids 80's- early 90's. One book she remembered that I had no recollection of possible, later s was a fiction children's storybook about why dogs sniff each others butts.

Something to the effect of they went to a party and hung their tails up and something happened and they grabbed the wrong tails, so they are always smelling, to see if it's their tail. I'm also looking for a young adult book I remember as child early 90's that was about a ghost. Nothing I've found in searches, come up. Also looking for another kids book about tooth fairies and how they change to look like the parent if they get caught to not scare the child. Possibly early s or late s.

Can anyone help find these?

I read a book in middle school or high school about these kids who had to raise themselves after their parents had gotten ill and passed. It wasnt just one group of kids who parents had passed, but all adults over a certain aged had died This book has been on my mind for a long time and I fear I will never find it again to read and enjoy. Any help would be awesome! Can anyone please help me with finding this book form the 's early 90's. It a vampire fiction book. An old man hires a mercenary to hunt down a killer who is a vampire. It turns out the vampire is actually the old mans brother. Action packed and the vampire realizes it's his brother toward the end and welcomes him to join him as a vampire which he refuses.

Please email me if you know the title. Thank you. I read a book about 2 boys who got drafted they went into the USA army. They went to war and fought against the Nazis. At the end of the book they both got Purple Heart awards. If anyone finds a book like this please email me at dolphin.

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I think the author is Nora Roberts. Then she is an adult and she starts remembering.