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She had picked up the phrase from Oswald. I think it means in a hundred years. A good job too; in spee, in spee.

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Now we always talk of her as Inspee, but no one knows who we mean. August 6th. What a nose and his wife is so lovely; but her parents forced her into the marriage. August 7th. There has been such a fearful row about Dora. Oswald told Father that she flirted so at the tennis court and he could not stand it. What upset her more than anything was that Father said in front of me: This little chit of 14 is already encouraging people to make love to her.

We know all about her headaches. August 8th. I can quite believe that when I think of that time on the Southern Railway.

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Whole days! I should like to know when I was a whole day there. When I went there naturally I had to stay to dinner at least. But grown-ups are always like that. When one person has done anything the others have to pay for it too. August 9th. Thank goodness, I can play tennis once more; I begged and begged until Father let me go. Dora declares that nothing will induce her to ask! I can understand her making a favourite of Oswald, but not of Dora. Father always says that parents have no favourites, but treat all their children alike.

August 12th. What vulgar phrases. When I told Erna and Liesel about it, they said that brothers were always rude to their sisters. I said, I should like to know why. Besides, Robert is generally very nice to his sisters. Yesterday we laughed like anything when he told us what fun the boys make of their masters.

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That story about the cigarette ends was screamingly funny. They have a society called T. Then he has to go to the eldest and biggest who gives him two or three cuts with a cane and he has to swear that he will never betray anyone. Then everyone smokes a cigar and touches him with the lighted end on the arm or somewhere and says: Every act of treachery will burn you like that. I shall tell Oswald to look when they are bathing and to tell me. In this society they abuse the masters frightfully and the one who thinks of the best tricks to play on them is elected to the Rohon; to be a Rohon is a great distinction and the others must always carry out his orders.

In the end I had to give him my hand on it and a kiss. Still, I was in an awful fright, for we were quite alone in the garden and he took me by the throat and tried to force me to my knees.

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Perhaps in the societies of the high-school girls that part is left out. August 15th. Yesterday Robert told me that there are some schoolboy societies where they do very improper things, but that never happened in their society. I wish I knew what. I wish I knew whether Oswald knows about it, and whether he is in such a society or in a proper one and whether Father was in one. If I could only find out. When he sees me he always presses my left wrist without letting anyone see.

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He said that is the warning to me to be silent. He said: The pain is to bind you to me. When he says that his eyes grow dark, quite black, although his eyes are really grey and they get very large. Especially in the evening when we say goodbye, it frightens me. August 18th. At first we went to a concert in the park and to the illuminations.

They fired salutes from the hills and there were beacons flaring on the hill-tops; it was rather creepy although it was wonderful. Then R. He is set on going into the army. All at once we found ourselves quite away from the others and so we sat on a bench to wait for them.

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Then I asked R. And once one of them got St. And since then in their society no more tickling had been allowed. Shall I tickle you a little? He gave a great laugh and suddenly he seized me and tickled me under the arm.

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It made me want to laugh frightfully, but I stifled it for there were still lots of people going by. So he gave that up and tickled my hand. I liked it at first, but then I got angry and dragged my hand away.

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Just then Inspee went by with two other girls and directly they had passed us we followed close behind as if we had been walking like that all the time. It saved me a wigging from Mother, for she always wants us all to keep together. As we went along R. By the way, in the raffle I won a vase with 2 turtledoves and a bag of sweets and R. That annoyed him frightfully. Inspee won a fountain pen, just what I want, and a mirror which makes one look a perfect fright. A good job too, for she fancies herself such a lot. August 29th.