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Odradek appears to represent an object with no clear purpose or apparent use. It appears not unlike an exhausted spool for thread, wound about by "old, broken-off bits of thread, knotted and tangled together, of the most varied sorts and colors". However, the text makes it explicit that there is no apparent use for the object. As such, scholars such as Samuel Rammelmeier have argued that the obscurity and uselessness of the object serves to create a foil for the narrator.

This is an opinion shared by Heinz Politzer when he states that Kafka's absurdist writing emphasizes the meaninglessness of its subjects' lives. From the perspective of Marxist literary criticism the story might be a critique of capitalism in its last stage.

Odradek represents commodities , it is "what is left of life once everything is reduced to materialism". Anya Meksin agrees that this interpretation is possible from a Marxist perspective.

Franz Kafka

Odradek, being made of thread for mending, represents the world of manmade practical objects separated from the human work that produced them, and the relation between the house father and Odradek represent the alienated relation between worker and commodities he has produced.

The idea that Odradek will survive the narrator and the anguish this situation causes to him can also be interpreted as the idea of commodities being inherited and transcend the worker who made them, but in such a way that the worker himself would be completely ignored. According to Goetschel, from a Freudian approach Odradek can be seen as "the psychological return of the repressed ".

In Freud's theory of repression, an unacknowledged trauma surfaces as unconscious associations and neuroses, which affect thought, memory and dreams. A religious perspective opens up another interpretation of the text. Goetschel indicates that the star-shaped form of the creature might represent tradition specifically Jewish tradition , which is passed on from generation to generation and accumulates some more bits of "thread" in each generation.

According to Meksin, Odradek represents a rupture between the world of the family man and some other transcendent realm. It is immortal, and hides in shadows carrying a message from generation to generation, and witnessing it all. Meksin goes on to indicate that the physical description of Odradek with its wooden crossbar sticks joined to that at a right angle can also remind us of crucifixion.

While Rammelmeier argues against clean-cut metaphorical interpretations of the story, he acknowledges that Odradek possesses some supernatural qualities, such as disappearance and reappearance. He adds that, due to the text's stylistic dryness, a reader who reads the story through an ideological lens may find evidence for any interpretation they may wish to hold.

Nevertheless, the story's last passage and its concern with "my children's children", the object's apparent lack of purpose, the ephemeral qualities of Odradek, the religious symbolism of the transverse rod and the star shape, and the mention of death in the last line of the story provide textual evidence for associations of Odradek to religion, or at least cultural traditions.

The relation between the narrator a family man, a father and the creature could be this whole: Odradek might be the complement of the narrator, who would also be broken down, with part of him transferred into Odradek.

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The Complete Stories. Translated by Willa and Edwin Muir. New York City : Schocken Books , An Encyclopedia of Franz Kafka.

Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Retrieved Kafka's Creatures. United Kingdom: Lexington Books. Columbia University. A deeply layered expression of an individual as a part of society as well as family. Explore Plus. Did you find what you were looking for? Yes No. Reviews for Popular Kafka Franz Books. The Trial. Ein Landarzt Kleine Erzählungen (German Edition) eBook: Franz Kafka: Kindle Store

A story of a man under Trail for a crime he doesn't even know or can remotely guess. This story suggests a disturbing notion of our present day nation state Nallasivan V Certified Buyer Sep, I will not give out the storyline, but the end of the story when it come would be like being hit by lightening.

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You would want to stop what is happening, yo Minakshi Shukla Certified Buyer Jun, The Metamorphosis. The very first line of the novella is as surprising and unforgettable as any.