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Harrison, is to explore how members of the body of Christ demonstrate love and compassion to people in need as an expression of faith. English Version — Download. Engaging the Church in the work of witness and mercy across the globe in our life together.

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Feed My Sheep - John - Peter's Love for Jesus

Many of us have been plucked like brands from the burning, for we were "enemies to God by wicked works"; and now we are in the church among His friends, and our Savior trusts us with His dearest ones. I wonder when the prodigal son came back and the father received him, whether when market-day came he sent his younger son to market to sell the wheat and bring home the money.

Most of you would have said, "I am glad the boy is come back; at the same time, I shall send his elder brother to do the business, for he has always stuck by me. I know of none to excel it.

Starving, motherless lambs remind of savior’s bidding to ‘feed my sheep’

The commission given to Peter proved how thoroughly the breach was healed, how fully the sin was forgiven, for Jesus; took the man who had cursed and sworn in denial of Him and bade him feed His lambs and sheep. Oh, blessed work, not for yourselves, and yet for yourselves! He that serves himself shall lose himself, but he that loseth himself doth really serve himself after the best possible fashion. The master-motive of a good shepherd is love.

We are to teed Christ's lambs out of love. First, as a proof of love.

Feed My Lambs (1990)

If ye love. Christ, show it, and show it by doing good to others, by laying yourself out to help others, that Jesus may have joy of them. Next, as an inflowing of love. Love grows by active exercise, It is like the blacksmith's arm, which increases its strength by wielding the hammer.

Feed My Lambs

Love loves till it loves more, and it loves more till it loves more; and it still loves more till it loves most of all, and then it is not satisfied, but aspires after enlargement of heart that it may copy yet more fully the perfect model of love in Christ Jesus, the Savior. Besides being an inflowing of love, the feeding of lambs is an outflow of love. How often have we told our Lord that we loved Him when we were preaching, and I do not doubt you teachers feel more of the.

So let us abide in this blessed service for Christ that it may be the delight of love, the very ocean in which love shall swim, the sunlight in which it shall bask.