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Which chord inversions are your favorite songs using?

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Moving from a Bm to a C might not be powerful to you if both are in root position. But if the Bm is in 2nd inversion and it moves to a C major in 1st inversion, you may feel a burst of emotion. Remember that any art is just a series of corrections.

Stopped in Montrose, SD not too long after we started out because we saw a giant metal sculpture of a bull, and that is usually how we go sight-seeing. Something catches our interest and we stop. He offered us a golf cart to drive through the park because we were carrying a baby, but we declined — too much driving, the walk sounded great.

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I also have a standing offer to stop by when I have more time and have a beer with Wayne — which is now on my list of things to do. But not this trip. It was a little too touristy for our tastes, but they had diesel for the micro-van VW Golf.

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People were noisy until they came in, and then serenity kicked in. Enjoy, and be inspired!!!

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Since creepy is my style, I kept looking. The more I looked, the more I was entranced by the amount of different emotions conveyed in his art, and all the different mediums I saw employed in his work.

I knew I had to talk to this guy. As it turned out, he had a lot to say:. I have always gotten excited about any kind of art as a kid, from just simple arts and crafts to junk yard sculptures…it was always a fascinating thing to watch someone like Bob Ross create mind blowing art where it had just a moment ago not existed….

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I was in the gifted art program at school and I later went on to study commercial art. As For styles, I like them all. I love to create digitally, too, and I like to experiment with different editing apps but they seem limited. As I look back on all the ways that I have learned, all of the things that I now know, that I have learned it all by doing.

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Remaining open to where the music might take me while maintaining the excitement that improvising and collaborating with talented musicians allow, is key to me. My inspiration and goals came from many places: My influences old and new, including musicians I have wanted to collaborate with for years.

Capturing that special moment. His feel for the music is incredible. Website by Mark Wigston Muskoka Graphics.

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Home Bio Tour M. Matt Schofield Biography Though he holds a British passport and is an inductee of the British Blues Hall of Fame, Matt Schofield has been making his mark globally as one of the top players in the new class of six string wunderkinds. Latest Releases. Tour Dates.

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