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He agrees to help her. They are whooping with glee to be leaving, but then a figure jumps into the road and Xavier crashes the van. Jingles is there. Since the van is totaled, they decide to split into two groups to go find the keys to alternative vehicles.

Everyone is terrified. Moving fast, they plan to meet after getting the keys. Cut to Margaret in the woods. He recognizes Margaret- a young Margaret, hair in pigtails, obviously from where apparently they were counselors together. He blames himself. Back at camp, Rita and the counselors find the keys they need. However, while in the infirmary, they hear jingling. Xavier is blubbering with fear, finally admitting he knew Blake excellent acting by Cody Fern, who played the vicious antichrist last season.

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Maybe, maybe not. As we open this episode, the counselors and Rita are stuck in a cabin, surrounded by the sound of jingling and pounding at the door. As I previously stated, this episode is full of information. Laughing can be heard outside. Jingles; this is a group of young men paying homage to Mr. They laugh uproariously at their victorious scare- until they hear jingling.

So, the real Mr. Jingles kills them, in front of the mortified counselors.

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Later, Mr. That was endearing to me, and it must have been to our Mr. Jingles as well because this doofus was spared. He showed respect and was rewarded with his life. Meet Donna Chambers, psychologist and serial killer enthusiast who claims to have pried two confessions from Ted Bundy, among others as we flashback to a week ago. Although initially denied, she is finally granted access, with the warning that Mr. Chambers does break through to him. She lays it out: she wants to study him in his natural habitat.

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Plan already decided, she explains what she wants him to do. Escape, go to Camp Redwood, do his thing. Donna Chambers has set this all up. She wants to watch, for her research.

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Benjamin is hooked. He agrees. This is a very active episode in which both Mr. Jingles and Ramirez are on the loose. The counselors are upset and confused. At the cabin, they end up having to split up. Ray gets stabbed by Ramirez. Chet saves him and they run away. The main goal of everyone at this point is to get to the car and motorcycle. They have just witnessed the Mr.

Jingles kill the fake ones, so they want desperately to get out of there. As Rita, Brooke, Chet, and Ray run for the car, the boys fall into a hole that is spiked with heavy wooden sticks. Once he realizes that Chet is actually listening, he freaks out and bails. Thankfully, Xavier and Trevor come along later and pull him off the spike and then drag him out of the hole. Rita and Brooke do make it to the car. Brooke wants to go get help.

Rita finally acquiesces and tells her to go; she will wait for everyone. As Brooke is unlocking the car, Rita stabs her with a syringe full of liquid. The rest of this episode had me biting my nails!

Xavier, Trevor, and Montana are almost caught and killed by Mr. While hiding, they discover the real Rita tied up under a boat, and she is quickly killed by Mr. Tension is rippling.

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Jingling sounds pierce the night. Alone, Montana turns to face Ramirez. He runs his sharp, shiny blade down her cheek. Eyeing him, suddenly Montana pushes, then grabs him and pulls him close to kiss her passionately. At last! Episode four! Of course, this is AHS.

Not to this extent! This one hit me. We open at a fast-paced aerobics class, Montana leading. A man walks in. Montana eyes him, then storms over to inform him that her class is not for posers, and also telling him that he needs something more than a blade in his holster.


You can tell there is immediate chemistry here; Montana biting her lip, Richard smiling widely her. The song throbs. A man, Rob, from the class whines about the music; Montana basically tells him to stick it, and he leaves class angrily, threatening to tell on her. Ramirez watches with interest. Later, Montana walks into the locker room to find that Richard has left her a present.

A bloody, flayed Rob is ornamentally hanging from the ceiling. True story about the drug cartels, i. A few weeks ago, up near the border, which is thankfully 1, kilometres away, one gang member killed another gang member. To increase the intimidation factor, the assailants showed up at the funeral and shot the widow dead in front of her children.

I e-mailed a Kelowna Mountie friend with this tale, saying the gangs here make the Hells Angels look like real angels. Per capita, there are more murders in Washington, D. It is harder, near impossible, to buy a legal gun in Mexico compared with Canada. Guns are not even manufactured in Mexico. There are gun stores in Houston, Texas. The U.