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Book manuscript under review. I continue the comparative approach introduced in my first book, in which Joris Ivens and Paul Robeson embody the tangled relationship among international avant-garde, international socialism, and Chinese revolutionary popular culture. Together with their counterparts in China, they created and disseminated Chinese revolutionary popular culture from the post-WWI moment to the condition of the Cold War. Chinese revolutionary popular culture, in turn, shaped the interwar international avant-garde and its postwar transformation.

Save to Library Edit. Edited volume in progress. Reviews of the Avant-Garde and the Popular. Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews , Modern Drama, Volume 59, Number 1, Spring , pp.

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Siyuan Liu review of The Avant-Garde Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, , 9 2 : Gary Bettinson and Daniel Martin eds. Horror in the White Snake Tal China, , 11 1. These three different frameworks weave an intricate tapestry that reveals the dialectics of writing and dancing, and language and the body, throughout the latter half of twentieth-century China. Reading Hong Shen Intermedially.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, vol. Performing the Political in Lust, Caution.

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Published in Trans-Humanities, Vol. Examining three dramatic Luo, L. The Stranger and the Chinese Moral Imagination. By Haiyan Lee. Stanford, Calif. ISBN: cloth, also available as e-book.

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The Journal of Asian Studies, 77 4 , Liu, Rebecca E. Karl, and Dorothy Ko. Modern Drama, Vol. Review of Modern Archaics by Shengqing Wu. Review of Politics of Art by Zhiguang Yin. Review of Opera and the City by Andrea S. Centered on events taken place in the early to mids leading to the Frist Sino-Japanese War , Storms over Choson reads like a detective story written from the perspectives of all involved, instead of only favoring one voice or one perspective. Born in Changsha in the late s and came of age in Post-WWI Tokyo, Tian Han, like others in his generation, had been shaped by the defining wars in the region and throughout the world, among them the First Sino-Japanese War seemed to have had the most profound impact on his generation.

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