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We promote, protect, and advocate for the human rights and self-determination of Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Help us create communities where each can receive all the help and support they need to lead full lives.

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We keep people with disabilities out of institutions and in communities; in regular schools, not segregated; and we keep families together through peer support. Every day irreplaceable archaeological sites in the U. Help us protect the most significant sites for research and preservation of cultural heritage.

Providing treatment facilities for military personnel severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also called Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Dedicated to telling the Army story We enhance the U. Army's efforts to preserve the memories of Soldiers and their families, honor their service, and educate the public of their contributions to the Nation. We assist active U. Army Rangers and their families with acute medical care, recovery, wellness, warrior transition and other programs where government funding falls short.

An all-volunteer charity helping the poor to help themselves.

Offering a unique education so those in need can transition to sustainable self-sufficiency. Art For Humanity is redefining the art of helping the poor and needy families in Honduras. Help us save Golden Retrievers. We are dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of Golden Retrievers and golden mixes who are in need. In addition we educate the public about the proper humane care of these wonderful dogs. Promoting and advancing legal and civil rights of the Asian Pacific American community, with focus on the needs of low-income, immigrant and refugee populations. We work to create opportunities for students to access, complete, and succeed after post-secondary education.

Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, and handicapped children by providing hope and opportunity.

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Reaching their full potential through holistic care, counseling, therapy, and training. Fighting and preventing animal cruelty in the US. Rescuing animals from dog fighting, hoarding, puppy mills and natural disasters. Advocating for stronger laws to protect pets and farm animals.

Your ongoing contributions to the Assistance Dog Institute are creating vital opportunities for Service Dogs to expand life possibilities for Veterans with combat injuries and readjustment issues, and all ages of Americans with mobility limitations. Our community needs your help. We provide food, new school clothing, necessary supplies and vital enrichment programs to children, families, foster youth and the elderly. Secondhand tobacco and e-cigarette smoke, smoking, and vaping cause asthma, cancers, and heart disease.

Humanists, atheists and other nontheists serving honorably in the United States military now have a home. We provide a unique service by building community for an unprotected nontheistic minority. Fighting for the Freedoms We Defend. A Home away from home that keeps families of sick children together when they need each other the most. Through wildlife sanctuaries and centers for nature education, ACR preserves precious habitat for native plants and animals, while teaching nature appreciation to all ages.

Make a meaningful impact for Austin ISD students! Autism occurs in births in the U. We help persons with autism and their families by funding research that provides practical answers to autism's daily challenges like navigating school and the job market, keeping autistic kids safe, and more. Autism affects millions of families. We support research that offers hope for dignified and independent lives and programs that focus on positive and measurable outcomes. There is no cure for autism but treatment does work. Help us provide comprehensive resources worldwide so families can make informed, life-changing treatment decisions.

Research is the key to understanding autism. We're funding cutting edge research and science that will lead to real answers and offer hope for those affected by autism. Parents and scientists working together can make a difference. Help us provide support to those living with autism today. Committed to educating people about autism.

We support families who live with autism through referral resources, recreation, education and advocacy and inform members of the community, on how they can better serve individuals on the autism spectrum. We provide support, resources and referral; recreation, social activities, summer day camps for children, scholarships, and opportunities to provide hope and support to each child and adult with autism and their families.

We promote community support, education and housing options. Our Housing Initiative coordinates parents, professionals, and policymakers to catalyze the process of planning for the future. One in 59 children has autism. May Institute is a leader in providing exceptional educational and family services nationwide for children, adolescents and adults.

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Everyone deserves a bright and hopeful future - help us change lives! Provides adult autism support, advocacy and action with regular meetings, job opportunities, information about medical resources, social events and conferences about living with autism and Asperger Syndrome. We are a platform for autism initiatives. Through research and patient services, our work eases the suffering they inflict.

Bird populations are declining at an alarming rate worldwide, because of destroyed habitats and man-made problems. Protect birds and their habitats! ARC provides for birds physically and mentally abused, neglected, or mistreated while confined in hazardous conditions. Help us protect birds and provide animal welfare services. Avodah strengthens the Jewish community's fight against the causes and effects of domestic poverty by engaging participants in service, learning and community-building that inspire them to become lifelong leaders for social change. Stop rampant sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide and in the USA.

Help rescue victims of human trafficking, and empower us to provide a pathway to freedom through shelter, education, counseling, healthcare, jobs, and spiritual restoration. Dogs and cats and small animals abandoned, abused, sick and neglected. We rescue, provide rehabilitation, veterinary care and find new forever homes for these innocent animals.

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Help support our no-kill shelter. Abused, neglected and abandoned children. Expectant mothers with no healthcare. Troubled teens and families. Christian group homes, foster home care and counsel for children and families here and worldwide.

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Adoptive services and care for pre-born children. The Barker Adoption Foundation's mission is to provide life-long adoption-related services for all in the adoption constellation and to advocate for ethical, respectful, and child-centered adoption practices. Millions of feral cats and kittens are killed yearly in local municipal animal shelters. Barn Cats finds them safe barn homes after sterilization where they live out their lives.

They get a job with benefits! Christ-centered ministry that helps families in crisis coping with childhood abuse, sexual addictions, anxiety, grief and marital conflict through counseling, groups and training. We ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Oregonians experience equality by building a broad and inclusive politically powerful movement, shifting public opinion, and achieving policy victories.

Families in crisis need help! We offer shelter to babies and young children of families in crisis, giving them time and resources to resolve their problems. Help prevent child abuse, keep families together. Helping families escape poverty and domestic violence by ensuring equal access to justice; access to safety-net programs, building economic self-sufficiency, youth and veteran justice. Fight Homelessness in our Community!

Bay Area Scores brings soccer, poetry, and service-learning programs to low-income youth six days a week to address the needs of the whole child. Dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities by providing therapeutic tricycles to individuals unable to operate a traditional bike.

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We provide loving care, guidance, and opportunity to children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout Central and Western Maryland. We support people in our 60 community homes and others in their own homes and communities. Grief support program for children. Art, music and play therapy activities offered in a fun and nurturing summer camp setting to assist in their grief process.

Our faith-based therapeutic program provides hope and healing through a time of sorrow and loss. We're dedicated to placing homeless animals with committed caretakers. We envision a community that values animals and respects, protects and cares for their needs.