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Save on Non-Fiction Books Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. Crises Books. Robert E. Have you found yourself delinquent on your loan? You are not alone. Millions of people have trouble with their mortgage every year but foreclosure can often be prevented.

The following tips may help you avoid foreclosure. You can leave a message after hours and your call will be returned within two business days. Act early. Contact your lender as soon as you find yourself unable to make your monthly payment and make your lender aware of your financial difficulties. A workout may include reasonable options and payment plans.

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More than one-third of those who take initiative and seek assistance are successful in finding foreclosure alternatives. Banks and financial institutions will often work with delinquent borrowers and find reasonable arrangements rather than foreclosing on the loans immediately. It is important to know that if you miss several mortgage payments and your loan is in default, your lender may start foreclosure proceedings.

You can make missed payments, plus any late fees, or get reviewed for mortgage assistance with your lender. It is crucial that you contact your lender since lenders who believe you are acting in good faith will be willing to work with you. Take steps to prevent a foreclosure as soon as you realize you are having trouble making payments.

Be proactive. You can:. The U. CHFA provides mortgage financing at rates below the conventional market to offer affordable alternatives to low and moderate income first-time homebuyers in Connecticut. Assistance is in the form of a year, fixed rate fully amortizing loan. The USDA Rural Housing Service has loan programs that may be available to refinance your mortgage if you are in threat of foreclosure, have a fixed rate mortgage, and depending on your household income and the location of your residence. Contact USDA for available programs, qualifications, income guidelines and loan limits.

Contact your lender for eligibility. They should learn what the passage means that "pride goeth before a fall. I sincerely doubt that any of our government officials would have the insight to see that coming and make that one of the restrictions for use of bailout money. And even if it is, the banks know the rate at which the gov't moves. The banks can use the money any way they want and not have to fear any action by the gov't until well after they have used it.

And there maight never be an investigation into how the money was used.

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  • The Bailout Shame: How to Solve America’s Foreclosures and Jobs Crises.

And if there is, even then, nobody will go to jail or lose their houses and income. You are buying in and promoting the idea that this is problem is not solvable! There are many simple things that communities can do to resolve this quickly and easily and they are too narrow minded with years of blinders to even try. The federal gov't can't or won't fix it, but we can. Screw the fed, even Obama can see the forest for the trees and will continue to throw good money after bad and get bogged down. Please concentrate on stories that show people and individuals, family's what they can do to fool proof their own financial lives.

Give us and our communities the tools and the information we need to save ourselves. We are standing on the roofs and waving sheets, hoping for someone to come for us, and we are dying off in droves while our government is falling all over themselves to hand our tax money to the same crooks who distroyed our economy, and will never make it down to us.

We know they are all crooks!

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Oh well Too bad. I can give you examples and I know so many people, middle class and hard working who have been pulled into an endless cycle of debt and credit and have no personal safety needs. Please focus stories on people who are working to create individual and community safety nets that can save them on the small local scale. Start of series of stories that focuses on individuals and communities, they are out there, that work.

Who stood up and did not take part in the complete break down of ethics and common sense. There are small banks and communities who are not only solvent but are making it because they did their jobs and didn't try and victimized their own communities to get by. These are the businesses who need to get financial encouragement.

The fed needs to let the big banks fail, and break up the failing institutions so they are not neutron bombs in our country. That way the fail out of a crooked institution would not have the catastrophic effects, instead the crooked institutions are buying up other crooked banks and becoming so large they will inevitably destroy the country when they are finally done. And we are funding our own distruction. As I wait to be laid off my third by the way , I have done what I can to make myself ask strong financially and professionally.

Yet, one illness, the loss of this job, my mother's health failing So please, tell me how I can work on a personal level to survive, because at this point I can't wait around for anyone to save me. Thanks, Ann.


The Bailout Shame

Commenter: Lorena Lorenzana I been trying to work with Countrywide to modify my mortgage loan but they seem that they do not want to help the lenders. They pretty much shut me down, even though I am already 3 months behind in my mortgage payments. All I want is for them to modify my loan so I can be able to continue making my monthly payments. I have two years straight that was paying my two mortgagees on time but unfortunately, for two years, I had help from the developer that sold me my unit.

Download PDF The Bailout Shame: How to Solve America’s Foreclosures and Jobs Crises

Please if anyone can have some tips in what to do since Countrywide is not helping!!!! Commenter: Anne Tundermann I think that this documentary says it all! People, should join together within their municipalities to fight back against the financial institutions and political supporters that have essentially gotten this country and its people into this economic crisis.

We need to send a message to President Obama and Washington in whatever way we can, via the internet to 'demonstrate' how we feel about what is going on and what we, as people think should be done! I'm a small business owner, I'm just about getting by presently, however the cost of living has risen so high that I'm not sure if I can sustain the income I need to stay solvent.

I feel for the people who have been taken advantage of and feel strongly that there should be some accountability: to my mind, it's not enough to just move forward, as too many liberties have been taken! Commenter: O. Gonzalez My point is that the American economy being at least two thirds consumer driven that money be given to the people. Not the absurd dollars given previously, nor would yearly stipends help. In short the velocity of the dollar would be restored which is not being done by people or organizations hoarding it.

Best Regards. Commenter: James Tennant A simply solution to the foreclosure problem in the State of Connecticut is to make the lending institution that forecloses pay the property taxes, and maintain the property. They are the owners and are currently exempt from these responsibilities. These burdens fall on the taxpaying public.

Banks would then be motivated to rewrite existing loans and use the money received from taxpayers more productively. This proposal would revive the municipal tax base limiting the damage to local budgets. Commenter: shain I cried upon viewing this program because it just shows the utter collapse of our government: banks are not there to help small businesses and individuals. It's shameful. Commenter: Textynn I watched NOW last night and heard about the city in Memphis that is suing the financial institutions there for the devastation and cost of their practices that displaced many thousands and left homes rotting unused.